IoT based Waste Management System (WMS)

With ever changing technologies and device capabilities , it is always a challenge to upgrade to new devices without a uniform platform.

With our IoT based Waste Management System, you will be able to integrate every device of different brands and functionalities into a single platform and achieve data uniformity.

Integrate data from different data sources, APIs and SDKs into your platform for single monitoring and controlling solution.

Powered with Machine learning and predictive algorithms to make proactive actions and give insights and alerts.

We simplify your workload

Our WMS provides multiple advantages.

  • Visibility at every stage.
  • Inbuilt customization to meet your requirements
  • Centralized CRM.
  • Integrated Accounting provision
  • Resource Friendly Application
  • On Premise & Cloud Solutions

Why should you choose our Waste Management System?

Paperless Solution
- You no longer need paper for any activity.
- Improves tracking and Audit trail

Integrated GPS mapping
- Send routes directly to the driver.
- Track routes taken compare actual vs plan trips

Attractive insightful reports with forecast analysis
- Define KPIs
- Break- up analysis of each trip and costing.
- Revenue Analysis with drill features. Engine Rules

Engine Rules
- Set up your custom rules for your WMS to synchronize the solution to your organizational needs


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