SAP Cloud platform for the Internet of Things

Configure and control any application and remote devices with our Cloud based IoT services.

SAP offers extensive portfolio of solutions for the Internet of Things. This IoT platform will help you to quickly develop, deploy and manage your own IoT and machine-to-machine applications in real time.
In order to ingest scalable IoT data and manage devices, the SAP Cloud platform Internet of Things service connects devices to SAP Cloud platform. This provides a secure connection to remote devices using a broad variety of IoT protocols and manage the device lifecycle from onboarding to decommissioning.

Create future proof, real time IoT applications.
Monitor and manage
Monitor and manage remote devices while receiving real time insights.
Develop IoT solutions for various fields of business and industries.
Exploit the capabilities of SAP HANA for location services and geospatial processing.
Collect and process sensor data
Collect and process sensor data and save it on the SAP Cloud platform for later use.
Improve efficiency of process and create new business models
Leverage the IoT capabilities of the SAP cloud platform and offer new services by using insight into device data in your business systems.
Connect securely and send commands
Use wide variety of IoT protocols to connect securely on devices and trigger software updates by sending commands from SAP Cloud platform IoT to sensors.
Advanced analytical capabilities
Use SAP HANA for prediction or geo-spatial analysis with advanced analytics.
Manage at scale and connect remote devices
Manage lifecycle of large number of IoT devices and collect sensory data from remote devices using IoT gateway

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