What is Digital Twin and how will you benefit from it?

Digital Twin is the convergence of physical and the virtual worlds where every industrial product will have a digital representation. Simply put, a Digital Twin is a virtual model of a product, process or service. This coupling of the virtual and physical worlds will help us in the analysis of data and monitoring of systems to prevent downtime before it happens or plan for the future using simulations.

Digital Twin has become cost-effective to implement and its uses were found to be imperative after the advent of the Internet-of-Things. Initially, Digital Twin was primarily employed in the manufacturing industry. However, it has gained widespread recognition due to Internet-of-Things and many businesses are constructing their own Digital Twins to take its advantage of.

How does a Digital Twin work?

The main link to the accuracy of a Digital Twin is the Internet-of-Things. Smart components that use sensors to gather data about real-time status are integrated with the physical items. With this, virtual counterparts of the physical items are created as digitized duplicates. These virtual counterparts can be created even before a physical product is built.

Engineers collect and analyze data from different sources like manufacturing data, physical data, operational data and insights from an analytics software. Analytics along with an AI algorithm is transformed into a virtual model. Through this, we get the required analysis and insights which will help optimize the business outcome.


Digital Twin is touted to be the next big thing in business and industrial sectors. By implementing Digital Twins, organizations can get accurate insights of the current and future state of the physical assets of a product. This will eventually result in better product performance and customer service. Organizations from different sectors are recognizing the potential of Digital Twins.

Manufacturing:  Manufacturing

Digital Twin has got the maximum importance in the manufacturing sector as it helps in optimizing the manufacturing process and increase efficiency while reducing product defects and production costs.

Industrial IoT:Industrial IoT

Implementing Digital Twin in industrial firms can help monitor, track, control systems digitally. It can also help in predicting anomalies in future operations.


Digital Twin and data from IoT together can help in providing personalized care and patient monitoring.


Digital Twin can play a key role in the retail industry as it can help in augmenting customer’s experience by creating a virtual twin of customers to model clothes and accessories for them.

Smart cities:Smartcities

Digital Twin can help city planners and policymakers in planning a smart city and efficient management of resources.

Benefits of Digital Twin

With Digital Twin, we can solve a problem even before it arises or better, even before actually manufacturing a product. Let’s look at some of the many benefits of employing Digital Twin.

Reduce product flaws and production cost

One of the most significant reasons to utilize a Digital Twin in the manufacturing sector is to reduce the product or design flaws. Instead of manufacturing many products using trial and error method until finalizing on a product and spending so much money, implementing Digital Twin to decide on a product, its design and other functionality without even building it would save a lot of money and reduce the product defects.

Predictive maintenance

The gathered data from IoT sensors integrated with Digital Twin can predict the future of a product. It gives us information about the equipment’s maintenance and also predicts its breakdown. This timely reporting will save companies a lot of time and money.

Simulation is the key

Digital Twin can answer a critical question like how a product will react to different stress and conditions. With this information, future operational decisions can be altered.

A quicker release of the product

Along with the removal of testing, simulation, and analysis which saves a lot of time, it will eventually help you in releasing your product to the market sooner than your competitor.

Much has been said about the Digital Twin technology. It will be the future of designing and manufacturing a product, process or service. Companies which did not opt Digital Twin technology will miss out on a lot. It will not matter if yours is a big or small company, you will have to eventually opt for Digital Twin to enhance your product and process functionality. Employ Digital Twin today and do not be left behind by your competitors.

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